Manu Bajaj Memorial Scholarship

Manu Bajaj Memorial Scholarship

“A day may come when you may lose everything, your family, your job, your wealth…but you will never lose your education. No one can take that away from you. That can get you back to the top”, my father, Manu Bajaj, used to tell me.

Dad completed his Chartered Accountancy in his mid-twenties. He specialized in the hospitality industry and because of his hard work and sincerity, rose up the corporate ladder very quickly. In his forties, he pursued a summer session enrollment at Cornell University, followed by a two year stint in Dubai where he was instrumental in setting up one of Dubai’s best restaurants. He then led a semi-retired life, spending time with family and friends.

Dad passed away on February 07, 2004 at a young age of 51. He will, however, always be present with his loved ones through his memories, his principles, and his love for life. You could see a twinkle in his eyes when he used to talk about food, cricket, or accountancy. He left behind a legacy of a wonderful wife, a beautiful daughter, and a son who remembers him very fondly.

When I returned to Fresno to complete my degree, I was assisted financially by a gem of a person named Mr. Sethi. I was looking for a way to repay this kind gesture and it seemed the only way I could do this justice was to pay it forward. With the help faculty, staff, and friends, I organized a fundraiser on campus (called ‘An Evening with Sanjeev Kapoor’ who is a celebrated master chef from India) to raise funds to establish the Manu Bajaj Memorial Scholarship.

To the recipients of this scholarship, my family and I wish you the best in life. We hope you succeed in the endeavors you take up and use your education for a greater good.

Kunal Bajaj
(A Proud Son)