Mr. Murphy

Mr. Murphy - The Bulldog Memorial Scholarship

Mr. Murphy was adopted from the Fresno SPCA and came into the life of David Vartanian, a 2008 Fresno State Craig School graduate at just the right time. He brought hope, joy, encouragement, happiness, laughter, tears, and most of all love to everyone who met him. Murphy enjoyed walks at the park, chasing scooters, skateboards, soccer balls, and trips to Polliwog and Clovis Parks. He even introduced David to his future wife and shortly after he was engaged. A few weeks later on March 7, 2015, Mr. Murphy passed away. His mission was complete as he led his owner to his new best friend without paws. Even though Mr. Murphy didn’t have a full time job he managed to save and stash away money that he would like to now pass along to a pre-veterinary student who can then help his four legged friends in the future. Murphy is trying to stay out of trouble along with Fresno State mascot Victor E. II in Doggie Heaven.

Go Dogs!