Jason Fulton Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to one student demonstrating overall excellence and accomplishment in pursuit of studies in the College of Science and Mathematics. The selected student must be a full-time graduate student who demonstrates the motivation and desire to complete a post graduate degree. The student must have a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.0 or greater. Special preference shall be given to a student with a disability and with an interest in Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Environmental Sciences and/or Mathematics.

College of Science & Math
Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you have an impairment or disability? If so, you may optionally select any or all of the answers that apply to you.
  2. Please upload the necessary documents (or memorandum) from a physician or specialist, on office letterhead, with the physician/specialist signature to validate your status. Copies of clinical test results that do not have a diagnosis are not acceptable.
    • Physician Certification