Ag One-Robert Sinclair Scott Scholarship

This scholarship was established to provide one $4,000 working scholarship I the area of wine production. The recipient will be a student working in the Enology Program under the aegis of the Enology Program Director. Upon completion of his/her working scholarship, the recipient will write a brief report to the Enology Program Director as to his/her endeavors under this working scholarship agreement.

Please Note
This scholarship opportunity has a financial need requirement. To qualify for this scholarship opportunity, applicants must also submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or the California Dream Application, and have a calculated financial need analysis done by Fresno State prior to the scholarship application deadline. When the Financial Aid Office receives and processes the FAFSA, a financial need calculation will automatically be uploaded to your scholarship application. The financial need of an applicant is based on the current academic year data when the student applied for the scholarship.

Jordan College of Ag Science and Technology