Dr. Lyman H. Heine and Ardis M. Heine Study Abroad Scholarship

Lyman H. Heine, Ph.D. was a Professor of Political Science at California State University, Fresno, where he taught from 1968 until his retirement in 2004, specializing in European studies and international relations. He was instrumental in establishing the London Semester program. Ardis M. Heine was a Licensed Clinical Worker who spent her 40-year career working with troubled and abused children and teens and their families. Lyman and Ardis clearly recognized the invaluable experience that the study abroad program at Fresno State offers students.

This fund shall be used to provide scholarships for deserving students for studying abroad. Applicants must be matriculated students studying at Fresno State and who are either (1) participating in the London Study Program or (2) participating in another study abroad program within the College of Arts & Humanities. Scholarships may be awarded to deserving students who are interested in, but not yet enrolled in the study abroad programs. Any award granted shall be conditional upon the recipient’s enrollment and participation in the study abroad program. Preference shall be given to students participating in the London Study Program.

College of Arts & Humanities
Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you plan to participate in the London Study Program or another study abroad program at Fresno State?
  2. Please indicate the semester of your enrollment and the study abroad program.