Fresno State Alumni Association - Risa Rodemeyer Global Culture Scholarship

A scholarship shall be awarded to a deserving student in the Smittcamp Family Honors College who has demonstrated overall excellence and accomplishment with a demonstrated interest in global culture and affairs. Applicants must be currently enrolled at Fresno State and be a President’s Honors Scholar in good standing in the Smittcamp Family Honors College.

Dear Scholars,

It is, indeed, a pleasure for me to announce the availability of the availability of the “2024 Risa Rodemeyer Global Culture Scholarship,” (RRGCS), an annual SFHC award that was established in 2017 through a generous donation by the late SFHC Director Emeritus, Dr. Stephen Rodemeyer, in the loving memory of his wife, Risa. The eligibility and other criteria are listed below. If interested, please apply by 11:59 P.M. on May 1, 2024, according to the instructions in item B below.

A. Eligibility Criteria and Requirements
1. The applicant must be a current President’s Honors Scholar who will be able to enroll on a full-time basis during Fall 2024 and/or Spring 2025. This means that 5th-year seniors are also eligible to apply.

2. This is a scholarship for excellence; therefore, no consideration will be given to the applicant’s financial status.

3. As an eligibility requirement, all applicants must have completed the University’s General Scholarship application that was due by 12/31/23.

4. Within one semester after the completion of the project, the following are required: (a) proof of travel and/or project, (b) a 3-5 page Reflection Paper, and © an oral presentation at the Honors Colloquium.

B. Application Process

By 11:59 P.M. on May 1, 2024:

1. Write a 2-3 page plan with the following items included:
(a) The purpose of the travel or project might include the following: travel with a “global emphasis”
either foreign or domestic; research paper with an emphasis on global culture a service project.
(b) How this project/experience would enhance the scholar’s global cultural understanding.
© Significance to the scholar personally.
An itemized budget for the project.

2. Save your plan with this filename: Last Name, First Name-RRGCS 2024

3. Send your written plan to me via email as a PDF attachment.

4. (a) Go to this site:
(b) Click on the red “Sign In” button at the top right corner.
© Click on the “Sign In With Your Institution” button and log in using your Fresno State credentials.
(d) Click on the “Opportunities” menu option at the top left bar.
(e) Type “Risa Rodemeyer” in the search bar and enter.
(f) Click on the hyperlink for “Risa Rodemeyer Global Culture Scholarship.”
(g) Complete your application and then click the “Finish” button.

Please note:
The RRGCS Selection Committee is composed of Honors Council members who also serve as faculty.
I will announce the recipient via email by the last day of the Spring semester (5/16/24).
The amount of the scholarship will be determined by Fresno State’s Alumni Association. This is the organization through which Dr. Rodemeyer’s donation was originally endowed in 2017, and the one that manages the funds.
The recipient will receive the award in October 2024.

Alumni Association
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you demonstrated an interest in global culture and affairs?
  2. If yes, please explain your demonstrated interest or participation in global culture and affairs.