Lyles College of Engineering Honors Scholarship

The Honors Program in the Lyles College of Engineering (LCOE) offers qualified students a transformational learning experience via a combination of academic excellence, leadership, service, global perspective, entrepreneurship and innovation. The curriculum, focused on multidisciplinary design in a global environment, fosters critical thinking and challenges students to reach their highest potentials. The LCOE Honors Program provides students with unique opportunities for interdisciplinary research, internships, hands-on learning, and to have access to individualized learning options and close interactions with industry and government leaders. The Program cultivates transformational learning by Mentorship – Closer interaction between the faculty mentors and students is fostered first by each student working closely with a permanent Honors Program director, second by each student being assigned a permanent faculty advisor once he/she begins upper division courses and third by each student working closely with the faculty member, instructor of record for each course he/she takes with an honors component. Experiential Learning – the Honors seminar series/coursework are designed to provide hands-on practical experience. Numerous field trips are also arranged to tour various industries/manufacturing companies/construction sites to provide “real-life” perspective. Teamwork – students are required to work in a collaborative, teamwork, environment on their projects. Engagement – service learning is an integral part of the Honors Program. Students are required to engage in engineering-related community service projects as part of the coursework/seminar requirements. Leadership – the leadership aspects of the Honors Program is woven throughout the curriculum. It is introduced in the first Honors seminar, and through a combination of coursework, workshops, and presentations by the industry leaders, and by serving in leadership roles in various on/off campus organizations. Honors students, in collaboration with their faculty mentors/advisors, identify the areas of leadership requiring improvement. Through a combination of activities and workshops, students enhance their leadership skills and acquire proficiency. Globalization – The Lyles College of Engineering is in the process of expanding its international experience by a combination of student exchange, study-abroad, and internship programs. It is envisioned that the international experience will become an integral component of the Honors Program. Although current students are encouraged to participate in the international activities (Cambodia project) of the university chapter (EWB-Fresno State) of Engineers without Borders, the College continues to explore different scenarios for implementation in the near future. Independent Thinking – one of the primary goals of the Honors Program is to help students develop the desire and ability to think independently. The lower division courses foster creative problem solving skills. In addition, upper division classes provide ample opportunities for independent research and allow for a more individualized realization of educational objectives.

Minimum requirements for consideration of admission to the LCOE Honors Program include all of the following criteria under the below classifications.
High School Student must meet the following:

  • 3.80/4.00 Minimum Un-Weighted GPA
  • Ranked in Top 15% of Graduating Class

Transfer Student

  • Minimum Un-Weighted GPA of 3.80/4.00 from Current Academic Institution

Admission Requirements
In addition to completing the general scholarship application on this site, you must also download and complete the Lyles College of Engineering Honors Application. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD APPLICATION (File size 324 KB PDF). Please read all the instructions to make sure you understand the requirements for this scholarship. You will need to complete, scan, and then upload your application to this specific scholarship opportunity. All your documents must be uploaded as one file before the deadline. The uploaded file must be formatted as a PDF (not a JPEG,TIFF, or ZIP file of compressed documents) and the file size cannot be larger than 10 MB.

If admitted, each incoming freshman LCOE Honors Program recipient will receive an LCOE Honors Scholarship of $26,500, payable over eight semesters and/or up to four years of undergraduate studies at Fresno State. Incoming transfer students will receive an LCOE Honors Scholarship of $13,250, payable over four semesters and/or up to two years of undergraduate studies at Fresno State. The renewal for each year is contingent upon satisfactory completion of academic and program requirements each year. The scholarships are awarded from one of several sources such as the Husband-Boeing Honors Scholarship Fund, the Lyles Family Honors Scholarship Fund, or the Miyamoto-Lockheed Martin Honors Scholarship Fund.

If you have any questions, or need additional information, please contact:

Dr. Aaron Stillmaker
Director, LCOE Honors Program
Lyles College of Engineering Honors Program


Dr. Ram Nunna
Dean, Lyles College of Engineering
Email Address:

Lyles College of Engineering Honors Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload your completed Lyles College of Engineering Honors Application